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PEM Motion was born out of the idea to make electric mobility sustainable and affordable. This idea of “Achieving more with less” is still the credo of everything we do at PEM Motion.

By focusing on the Return on Engineering, we dramatically increase the efficiency of the process to deliver innovative results in the wide field of future mobility.

With our fresh spirit, our unique approach and our cutting-edge infrastructure, we are the first to truly integrate development and industrialization.

Taking it to the next level

The company was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of Prof. Achim Kampker’s Chair for Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components at RWTH Aachen University (PEM) by some talented engineers with a strong sense, that today’s mobility innovation needs a fresh approach.

Since then, we have grown successfully into more than 90 employees working in 8 offices on 3 continents. Despite being a young organization, we have a proven track record of innovating mobility. Our clients span the full range of the automotive / mobility sector, but we are also working for start-ups, ready to disrupt the industry. And more than that, we do not only build futures for others, we also build companies, like UZE or Ducktrain.

The future of mobility has just begun and there is more to come, so we decided to take our company to the next level in 2019 under one strong brand: PEM Motion.

Offices Germany

Aachen Berlin Cologne Frankfurt Munich Stuttgart

Offices North America

Sacramento, California, USA San Luis Potosi, Mexico Monterrey, Mexico

Partner Offices

Beijing, China Helmond, Netherlands

Latest Projects

19th December 2019 PEM
PEM Motion: The center of excellence for sustainable mobility

From 2020, a center for sustainable mobility will be created in the Avantis business park Life is moving back into the former production site of the photovoltaic manufacturer Trina Solar. After the buildings in Avantis-South were left empty for two years, several companies from the area of ​​urban logistics will move there. We will move […]

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7th November 2019 Uncategorized
Velocity Aachen: E-Bike-Sharing

From a university start-up to a widespread e-bike sharing provider Originally the aim was to be able to overcome the gradients in Aachen as comfortably as possible by bicycle, without sweating. With this idea, a student initiative of RWTH Aachen University launched the Velocity project, an e-bike sharing system in which the user can borrow […]

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6th November 2019 Uncategorized
PEM Motion: The development of inner city mobility and what drives us

The global development of mobility is inseparably interlinked to urban and population growth. The number of motorised kilometres covered is increasing, which is particularly noticeable in cities. Private, motorised mobility continues to be a dominant factor there. The consequences are increased CO2 emissions, air pollution caused by particulate matter, noise emissions and a high level […]

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